The Redistricting Game: Senate District 33

The redrawing of New York’s voting districts has been a hot topic in the news lately. While many stories have focused on the possible creation of an Asian-majority district in Queens, a less-publicized battle has been brewing in the Bronx.

Local leaders and residents are speaking out against the legislature’s plan to cut three areas from the 33rd district and add them to the 34th. They argue that their community is being sliced and diced for political purposes.

The Norwood News reports that the legislature’s proposal for the 33rd is a particularly egregious example of putting party politics before community. They say that the areas being cut from the 33rd and added to the 34th are the traditionally white and more affluent blocks in the district.

The 34th already contains most of the other wealthy areas in the borough.Jeffrey Klein, one of a handful of independent Democrats who is friendly with the Republican majority in the Senate, currently represents the 34th.

This map highlights the areas to be removed from the 33rd and compares socioeconomic information from each area to the 33rd district as a whole. All information from the 2010 Census and the 2066-2010 American Community Survey: